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Restoration Counseling and Psychotherapy

Do you think "This is not the life I had planned?"

Does it feel like the pain or sadness will never stop? 

Or maybe you just wish you could run far away and start all over - just leave all the worries, anxiety, and pressure behind? .

There is a way to stop suffering and start feeling balanced!

Pain is inevitable but the amount we suffer is optional.  While we can't control life, with help we can learn to be the best version of ourselves no matter what comes at us.  There is choice, maybe not what we had hoped for but we can thrive in what we receive because we choose how we are going to act in a way that brings love and self-respect to ourselves. 


The goal for me is to help my clients find a LIFE WORTH LIVING. 


Joy Molina, M.A., LCMHC, LCAS located at 274 Catawba Ave, Old Fort , NC



I am passionate about my calling to love people where they are at and be in that moment as a way to connect authentically.  My approaches are rooted in existentialism, modern psychotherapy, and ACT/DBT/CBT based skills.  I also use EFT and IFS for treatment of trauma, chronic invalidation, and attachment wounds. 

MY BOTTOM LINE:  each person must have meaning in their life as well as accept the dialectic of doing the best we can and we can always be getting better without judgement or shame.  It might sound impossible and I promise you it is possible.  I believe people are born good and somewhere along the way things get mucked up.  Most of us are still recovering from those things. By exploring our past behaviors, finding what is not working, healing our wounded parts, and accepting new ways to approach life, we each have the chance to RESTORE ourselves to the life we have always wanted.  For me we are all on a journey to learn, grow, become more flexible mentally and thrive - for a lifetime!  

Therapy to me is about partnering with my clients to practice a way of experiencing life that allows acceptance as well as freedom.


I am available for individual therapy and like to begin seeing clients weekly in an effort to create a more solid relationship foundation.  Initial sessions will work to identify your story, find transition points in your life, look for patterns, then target ineffective behaviors and thoughts keeping you from having the life you want. It is important for you to have goals you would like to achieve, such as feeling like you can breathe again or not being led by your emotions.  I believe true change must happen over time and with lots of practice, both in the office and out in the real world.  

There is not a magic number on sessions since each person is working at their own pace.  I specialize in treating Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Attachment and Substance Abuse Recovery.  I am trained in DBT based skills, ACT, EFT, IFS and philosophically align my techniques with that of Victor Frankl, existentialist and Carl Rogers, humanist.

For individuals needing postpartum counseling, I can meet with you online initially if you are finding it difficult to leave home.  Eventually the goal will be to meet in person but there are enough challenges to be faced in becoming a mom and self-care. I am open to working with you where you are.

I accept BCBS, AETNA, and United insurance at this time but can offer receipts for you to file individually with other insurance providers.  I accept cash, check, or card as well.

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