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My Services


I am available for individual therapy and like to begin seeing clients weekly in an effort to create a more solid relationship foundation.  Initial sessions will work to identify your story, find transition points in your life, look for patterns, then target ineffective behaviors and thoughts keeping you from having the life you want. It is important for you to have goals you would like to achieve, such as feeling like you can breathe again or not being led by your emotions.  I believe true change must happen over time and with lots of practice both in the office and out in the real world.  

There is not a magic number on sessions since each person is working at their own pace.  I specialize in treating,  Anxiety, Depression, and other diagnosis.  I also support individuals in Substance Abuse Recovery.  I am trained in DBT based skills, ACT, and EFT.  I philosophically align my techniques with that of Victor Frankl, existentialist.

For individuals needing postpartum counseling, I can meet with you online initially if you are finding it difficult to leave home.  Eventually the goal will be to meet in person but there are enough challenges to be faced in becoming a mom and self-care, I am open to working with you where you are.

 Individual sessions are typically 50-60 minutes and cost $120/session.  Initial intake/assessment appointments are 90 minutes long and cost $150. If cost is prohibitive, please call me and we can discuss sliding scale options if it is appropriate.  I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.  I accept cash, check or card.


I offer group therapy for two areas:

1. DBT based skills group: 4 modules are covered consisting of mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal communication, and distress tolerance.  It is a weekly group with take home assignments.  Clients are asked to commit and sign a six month contract.  This is closed group and no more than 5 members are allowed in one group at a time.  Sessions are 90 minutes a week and cost $60/session.

I am not billing insurance at this time but can offer receipts for you to file individually.  I accept venmo, check or card.

Sometimes it feels like we are all alone....that is the beginning of remembering we have ourselves and our story matters.
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